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About the academy

In order to provide students with the best atmosphere our training facilities are situated in country surroundings within 15 minutes of Pretoria were you will find large shopping centres that caters for your every need.

Class Rooms

The numerous class rooms at DVAA are structured in such a way that you are able to see nature at all times and are all fitted with audio-visual equipment to ensure interactive training.


Every student's individual learning needs are catered for during a course to ensure the best possible outcome.

To reach this goal you have the option to spend your free time during the course in a classroom setting with fellow students or to study individually in the beautiful surroundings with absolutely no distractions.

You can also attend after hour classes were real life paramedics answer all your questions and help you with the subjects that you struggle with.

DVAA provides hostel facilities for all students so you don't need to travel to and from home, ideal for students who come from far. You can stay in over the weekends as well.

The hostels are all fitted with kitchens and dining rooms and when the carnivore in you comes out you can light a fire and enjoy a nice braai!

All you need to do is bring your own food, eating utensils and bedding.

Recreation Tired of studying? Try this:

Games room
Braai facilities
Heated swimming pool
About Us
About Us
DVAA was established in 1994 in Pretoria as a sister company of K de Vries Ambulances that operated a large network of emergency medical services throughout Southern Africa and Europe.

The CEO of the company, Mr K de Vries saw that providing emergency medical care and assisting in the care of the sick and injured is based on much more than just that.

The public needs to be educated to prevent injury and illness and to act immediately when disaster strikes: hence DVAA

So at the dawn of democracy DVAA was born. At first only a few students were trained, solely as ambulance personnel, but the need for more lay person friendly courses grew.

Today DVAA delivers confident ambulance personnel, steadfast first aiders and empowered, inspired people who go back to their communities to bring forth not only first line treatment but also prevention of accidents and illness by educating their fellow man, however basic the knowledge may be.
de Vries Ambulance Academy